Here at Melonhead, ensuring the health and safety of our clients, our team and our community remains our top priority. It is our responsibility to provide a safe, sanitized, and comfortable environment for you and your family. In doing so, we want to provide you with procedures and protocols we have put in place to guarantee a safe salon reopening.

In order to to keep you and your little one safe, all Melonhead team members must:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Complete a health screening questionnaire before each shift
  • Get temperatures checked before each shift
  • Pre-screen every client before their appointment time including checking temperatures
  • Engage in touchless Hello’s & Goodbye’s
  • Wear a face shield when performing any services requiring the use of the shampoo sink
  • Wash their hands before and after every appointment
  • Clean & disinfect all tools before and after every appointment
  • Clean & disinfect their chair and station before and after every appointment
  • Use a freshly laundered cape for each and every client
  • Use a disposable neck strip for each and every client
  • Practice physical distancing at all times with the exception of servicing their clients
  • Stay at home if they are feeling sick or unwell

To ensure a safe experience for everyone, we need your help as well:

  • At this time, all clients will be required to make an appointment before visiting the salon – walk in appointments will not be available at this time
  • Appointment can be done via phone upon re opening, or via online booking by visiting our website at
  • Clients must arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to their appointment, as our designated waiting areas will not be available at this time.
  • Clients must call in to check in their child before entering the salon so we can ensure your child’s seat is sanitized and ready for them
  • To maintain capacity limits within the store, we ask that each child is accompanied by only one (1) adult. Additional family members and/or friends will be asked to wait outside
  • We are encouraging parents to please wear a mask. We understand our children not being able to keep one on, and it’s not something we will be enforcing for them within this time. If parents do not have a mask upon arrival, disposable masks will be available for purchase.
  • All clients will be asked to fill out a client health questionnaire before getting serviced.
  • All clients will be asked to arrive with clean, dry hair without any products applied
  • Blow-dries will not be available at this time
  • Shampoo services will not be offered at this time
  • Contactless payments will be preferred
  • Limited services will be available at this time

Effective prevention measures and ongoing monitoring are key to a successful re-opening

Booking Your Appointment
Our receptionists are in and ready to help you make your appointment. For your convenience, online booking is available at
When making your appointment, you will be asked;

  • To provide your contact information – name, number & email address
    This information is vital for us to maintain client records to help support public health contact tracing efforts.
  • Questions about you and your child’s health – should you or your child happen to feel unwell, or have recently traveled outside of Canada, we will unfortunately have to re book your appointment for another time.\

You will be reminded about the following:

  • We encourage you to bring a mask from home to eliminate the waste of disposable masks – if for any reason you arrive to your appointment without a mask, disposable masks will be available for purchase at our front desk. Children will not be required to keep one on.
  • Please be sure your child’s hair is clean, product-free, and dry upon arrival – shampoo services will not be available at this time.

Arriving to your appointment:

  • We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time as our designated seating area will not be available at this time.
  • Only 1 parent/guardian per child will be allowed entry into the salon
  • Please be sure to phone in before entering the salon to ensure your stylist is ready to serve you.
  • Expect to have you and your child’s temperature taken upon entering the salon.  We will use a contactless, infrared thermometer to check the temperature of every team member and client that enters the salon.  Any team member or client with a temperature above 37C will be sent home, advised to seek medical attention, and welcomed to return to the salon when symptoms no longer exist.
  • Our receptionist will lead you to our sanitizing station where you and your child will be asked to sanitize your hands
  • You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire for both you and your child prior to getting serviced.  If for any reason, you or your child answer “YES” to any questions on our questionnaire, you will both be asked to go home, self isolate, and contact your health provider right away.  Your appointment will have to be rescheduled for a later time.

During your Appointment

  • Each client will be provided with a freshly disinfected cape, as well as a disposable neck strip throughout their service.
  • Toy bins for the children, will not be available at this time to reduce to spread of germs.
  • Blowing bubbles with be temporarily unavailable; however, bubble guns will be available for our clients as we know its one of their favourite distractions
  • At the end of your hair service, you will have the option of leaving your child’s hair wet, or having it styled to your liking with our kid friendly Melonhead haircare product.  Shampooing & blow-drying will unfortunately not be available at this time.  

After your Appointment

  • Parent/Guardian will be asked to prepare to pay for service(s) or product(s) prior to their child leaving the chair - contactless payment is encouraged.

Despite the temporary modifications we have made to our services, we remain committed to providing you with the exceptional Melonhead service you deserve.