Tips to make your first haircut at Melonhead a breeze!

Tip #1 - Create a routine
Get your little one familiarized with brushing their hair every morning and every night.

Tip #2 - Make it a game
Play “Hair Salon” at home by putting a towel over their shoulders and spraying their hair with water. Feel free to use dolls or action figures to peak more interest, or even better – your own head!

Tip #3 - Make it familiar
Feel free to visit your local Melonhead just for a visit. Have them pick a seat and watch the other children have their hair done. This will make them comfortable with the new surroundings as well as help them understand what is going to be done.

Tip #4 - Make an appointment
It’s always best to make your appointment for after your little one's nap time and/or meal time. If you’d like a quieter visit, we would recommend booking your appointment throughout the week, during the day when it isn’t so busy. The evenings and weekends are extremely busy, and might be too much for some children to handle.

Tip #5 - Be prepared
We always ask parents to bring an extra change of clothes, as some children refuse to wear the “magic cape” which is ok. We have many toys, bubbles, lollipops, and lots of distractions; however, if there is a favourite toy or snack your little one might feel more comfortable with, please do bring it along.

Tip #6 - Make it short & sweet
Most children have very short attention spans, so we like to get the cut done in the short time we have. Frequent stopping by giving them “breaks”, may confuse them by thinking the cut is over before it is. It also can make the process last much longer than it should which can make it difficult for your little one.

Tip #7 - We understand!
Don’t forget, we’re parents too! It’s perfectly normal for a new experience to be a little scary so please don’t be embarrassed if your child cries.

Tip #8 – Your stylist has suggestions
Remember, our stylists do first haircuts everyday! They will have suggestions based upon your child's hair type, what style would work best for them and how their hair will grow back.

Tip #9 – Relax
The best way to prepare for babies first haircut, is by helping them feel safe and secure. They are very perceptive. If you are apprehensive about a trim, baby will see this and is more likely to be upset and/or nervous. Keep it positive and show them how much fun it is!

Tip #10 - Have fun!
This is such an important milestone for your little one. As emotional as it may be, be sure to take lots of pictures and remember what a fun moment this is for both you and your baby!