We all know to some degree, how clay is good it is for your skin. But why, exactly? Which different types of clay benefit your skin?

First of all, let's begin with why you should use a clay mask in your beauty routine. Clays essentially work by pulling out sebum and dirt from inside the pores and remove dead skin cells. While the mask is on the skin, an exchange is made between the skin and the clay. The skin soaks in the clay minerals leaving a radiant glow and the clay soaks up the impurities and excess oils as it dries up. A little bit of give and take!

Now that we know why clay is good for your skin, the question is which clay is best for you? In our Artifact Masque collection, 4 out of 6 of our face masks are clay-based and contain the following clays:


Glacial Marine Clay: The positively charged bacteria on the skin are very much attracted to the negative ion charge of this clay, which helps to deeply cleanse and detoxify. It also helps to clear acne and remove dead skin cells. Phytoplankton (small free floating plant material) are found in abundance in this clay - it enriches the clay and adds an extra layer of nutrients to the skin.

*Not to be confused with Glacial Clay. This clay isn't as refined as the Glacial Marine Clay. It also contains more sand and grit - with no contact with any marine nutrients.


Rhassoul Clay: Just as deep cleansing as the Glacial Marine clay, but this clay lessens the dryness of the skin and enhances it's clarity and elasticity. It provides the complexion with a smooth finish.


Amazonian White Clay: This clay is nutrient-rich clay that helps dull skin look more radiant. It has lifting and revitalizing properties that reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


White Kaolin Clay: This clay is the most gentle clay of them all making it perfect for sensitive skin. It is more often used for softening and gently cleansing the skin.

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